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How to Make Garden Flowers Last Longer – Advice From Avas Flowers

on June 21, 2013

Save Money On Your Flower Garden

We all know how very expensive it is to buy large quantities of fertilizer if you’re an avid gardener. The cost of this skyrockets even higher when you take into account the brands that offer organic products. At Avas Flowers, we love passing on money-saving garden tips to our customers when it comes to taking care of their outdoor sanctuary. Here are some fantastic tips for making your own fertilizer!

Organic Rose Gardening

A great fertilizer for Roses are banana peels because the flowers love potassium. Throw a couple under the mulch where you grow your roses and watch as they grow bigger. Another unique fertilizer for flowers are coffee grounds. Other garden items that also respond well to this method are tomatoes and azalea plants. Sprinkle them over the ground before watering. You can also use egg shells as they make flowers last longer by providing them with calcium. Egg shells in soil must be washed and crushed and then worked into the ground. The calcium in the shells will also prevent flowers from rotting.

How To Create a Healthy Flower Garden

Cornmeal is used to prevent fungus on leaves. Simply dilute it in water and you can use this to spray down the plants that are prone to fungus growth. Molasses can also be used to make an all natural fertilizer when mixed in 1-3 gallon water solution. You can even use dried dog and cat food to use as organic fertilizer. Sprinkle the dry pet food over the garden bed, then turn the soil and water. You should let it decay naturally. Cover this with cardboard to prevent wildlife from getting into and eating your work. The cardboard will also prevent moisture from escaping the compost. Just cover with mulch and water thoroughly every week for four weeks to create a healthy garden bed.

Make your Flowers Last Longer

If you follow these all natural steps for making fertilizer, then you will see a world of difference in your garden. This will help if you want a natural way to make your flowers last longer.

For more Organic Gardening information Avas Flowers suggests:

The Garden Club of America

Federal Organic Gardening Guidlines


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