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Avas Flowers – Peoples Favorite Flowers

For most of us flowers have meaning and they can show our feelings to those we send them to. Below is a list of some popular flowers and the meanings generally attached to them. Here is a list in no particular order of popular flowers..


Gerba Daisies are one of the most popular flowers. In fact they rank fifth in popularity. Most women love these flowers,they symbolize love, purity and innocence.


Lilacs are loved for their beautiful color and wondrous scent. They represent a new found love.


Orchids are another popular flower and they come in a great variety of shapes and colors. Beauty and love and popularly associated with orchids.


Sunflowers are bright and cheerful. The meaning associated with these are loyalty and the sending of best wishes.


These wonderful flowers come in a wide variety of colors. They have a range of meanings but center around types of love. For example, red, expresses a declaration of love, while a hopeless love is symbolized by yellow tulips.


What list of popular flowers would be complete without the rose. They are the world’s most popular flower. They have many meanings based upon their color. Red means love, beauty and passion while white conveys purity and yellow, joy and happiness.

The flowers listed above are just some of the most popular. In truth, regardless of their supposed meanings, flowers given with thoughtfulness and love are heartwarming to the receiver.

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Avas Flowers Explains the Tulip Craze

The Great Tulip Craze

There have been many financial bubbles throughout history, but one of the strangest appeared in Dutch Republic during the 17th century. It was all about the craze for tulips. Although the tulip is associated with the tulip, its is not native. It was brought by a botanist and planted in his garden. They must have been impressive because soon someone stole some bulbs. Thus started the bulb trade and soon tulipmania struck.


Over the ensuing decades, growing tulips became a full time fad among the rich. As the frenzy continued, prices began to rise. Pretty soon even common bulbs where fetching extreme prices. Some rare bulbs were selling for over what would be $2500 in today’s currency per bulb. A whole trading community developed dedicated to the buying and selling of tulip bulbs. A trader could earn over $60,000 a month. But soon disaster struck, the bubble burst, some buyers failed to pay and panic set in. Soon bulbs were worth less than one percent of their previous value. Fortunes were lost when the craze died. Strange but true.

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Engaging Children With Flowers and Plants

Teaching your children about flowers and plants can be an exciting and educational way to interact with them and help develop their curiosity of the world around them

Smelling the Flowers

Here is a fun activity, blindfold your children and have them smell different flowers and maybe some herbs. Make a game of it, the children will have fun but will also be introduced to the fascinating world of flowers and plants.

Grow a Flower

Plant a flower in a pot, a good suggestion is to use daises since they are a hardy flower. For added fun you can have the children decorate the pot beforehand. You can also plant a small garden outside to grow some vegetables, herbs and some flowers. Let your kids help with the care of the garden. When they are harvested or bloom, they will have a sense of accomplishment and you will have some beautiful flowers and some fresh produce to enjoy.

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Starting a Flower Garden

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about a flower garden. If you are a first time gardener it is probally best to start out small. Avas Flowers is happy to give some tips on how to plan and begin your garden.

What to Plant

For a garden of flowers, first you have to decide what type of plants do you want. Annuals which you have to plant again every year but give color most of the summer. Or do you want perennials which come up year after year but have a shorter bloom time. Whichever way is fine or you can plant a mixture of both.

Where to Plant

Most flowers require at least six hours of sunlight a day. Though if you have less you can find plants that can tolerate having less sunlight.

Prepare the Area

If the area you want to plant your flowers is covered in grass you are going to first have to remove the sod. Now the grass if there was some is removed you have to prepare the soil. You will want to do this when the soil is neither too wet or too dry. Digging the soil loosens the earth so new roots can penetrate it more easily. Spread some organic matter such as dry grass clipping, decaying leaves or old manure. Using a spade or turning fork gently turn the top 8 to 12 inches of the soil working in the organic matter.

Choose your plants

Now that you have prepared your soil you will need some plants. Pick plants that meet your climate and sunlight conditions. Many garden centers will be happy to help you select plants that meet your criteria or you can find a wealth of information on the internet.

Plant them

Do not plant your flowers until the danger of frost in you area has passed. Then dig a hole and plant your transplants. Young plants should never be allowed to dry out. So water daily when the plants are small, then every other day or so. This can vary as to how dry or humid your area is. Water slowly and deeply giving a chance for the water to seep into the soil and not just run off.


To help prevent weeds cover soil with a couple inches of mulch. Generally choose a mulch that will decompose in a few months. Now pay attention to your garden. Keep watering, removing weeds when or if they appear and apply fertilizer.

Most importantly however, enjoy your garden.

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Does Giving Flowers Affect People’s Mood

How Flowers Affect Mood

The answer is yes and in a positive way. Flowers trigger happy emotions and promotes positive behavior even greater than what most people would assume. Receiving flowers have a long-term effect, people feel less depressed and have higher sense of enjoyment and satisfaction with life.

Rutgers Study

In a study conducted by Rutgers University different scenarios were studied to determine the effect of being given flowers. Avas Flowers will briefly describe one of these experiments. Approximately 150 women were recruited for the study. In exchange for filling out questionnaires on their daily mood and satisfaction with life they were to receive 1 of 10 gifts of comparable value. Ten days later the researchers presented their gifts to the participants. The women receiving the flowers were judged to have had a more positive reaction. One hundred percent of those receiving flowers were judged to have a positive reaction compared to ninety percent given a fruit basket and seventy-seven percent a candle. A few days later the women were again asked to fill out the questionnaire and those given flowers scored significantly higher than in the first questionnaire. Other experiments provided similar results.


Interestingly, even men responded more positively when given flowers against other gifts. According to the study when flowers were seen but not given, mood did not greatly increase. It seems that it is the act of being given flowers that appears to positively affect social behavior. In all the studies being given flowers achieved the most positive results compared to other gifts.

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