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Does Giving Flowers Affect People’s Mood

on August 2, 2013

How Flowers Affect Mood

The answer is yes and in a positive way. Flowers trigger happy emotions and promotes positive behavior even greater than what most people would assume. Receiving flowers have a long-term effect, people feel less depressed and have higher sense of enjoyment and satisfaction with life.

Rutgers Study

In a study conducted by Rutgers University different scenarios were studied to determine the effect of being given flowers. Avas Flowers will briefly describe one of these experiments. Approximately 150 women were recruited for the study. In exchange for filling out questionnaires on their daily mood and satisfaction with life they were to receive 1 of 10 gifts of comparable value. Ten days later the researchers presented their gifts to the participants. The women receiving the flowers were judged to have had a more positive reaction. One hundred percent of those receiving flowers were judged to have a positive reaction compared to ninety percent given a fruit basket and seventy-seven percent a candle. A few days later the women were again asked to fill out the questionnaire and those given flowers scored significantly higher than in the first questionnaire. Other experiments provided similar results.


Interestingly, even men responded more positively when given flowers against other gifts. According to the study when flowers were seen but not given, mood did not greatly increase. It seems that it is the act of being given flowers that appears to positively affect social behavior. In all the studies being given flowers achieved the most positive results compared to other gifts.


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