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Engaging Children With Flowers and Plants

on August 16, 2013

Teaching your children about flowers and plants can be an exciting and educational way to interact with them and help develop their curiosity of the world around them

Smelling the Flowers

Here is a fun activity, blindfold your children and have them smell different flowers and maybe some herbs. Make a game of it, the children will have fun but will also be introduced to the fascinating world of flowers and plants.

Grow a Flower

Plant a flower in a pot, a good suggestion is to use daises since they are a hardy flower. For added fun you can have the children decorate the pot beforehand. You can also plant a small garden outside to grow some vegetables, herbs and some flowers. Let your kids help with the care of the garden. When they are harvested or bloom, they will have a sense of accomplishment and you will have some beautiful flowers and some fresh produce to enjoy.


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