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Avas Flowers – Peoples Favorite Flowers

on August 30, 2013

For most of us flowers have meaning and they can show our feelings to those we send them to. Below is a list of some popular flowers and the meanings generally attached to them. Here is a list in no particular order of popular flowers..


Gerba Daisies are one of the most popular flowers. In fact they rank fifth in popularity. Most women love these flowers,they symbolize love, purity and innocence.


Lilacs are loved for their beautiful color and wondrous scent. They represent a new found love.


Orchids are another popular flower and they come in a great variety of shapes and colors. Beauty and love and popularly associated with orchids.


Sunflowers are bright and cheerful. The meaning associated with these are loyalty and the sending of best wishes.


These wonderful flowers come in a wide variety of colors. They have a range of meanings but center around types of love. For example, red, expresses a declaration of love, while a hopeless love is symbolized by yellow tulips.


What list of popular flowers would be complete without the rose. They are the world’s most popular flower. They have many meanings based upon their color. Red means love, beauty and passion while white conveys purity and yellow, joy and happiness.

The flowers listed above are just some of the most popular. In truth, regardless of their supposed meanings, flowers given with thoughtfulness and love are heartwarming to the receiver.


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