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Whats your Birth Flowers – Presented by Avas Flowers

on September 26, 2013

Each month the year has a birth flower associated with it. Avas Flowers presents you with a list of those flowers along with a brief description of their symbolism.

The Snowdrop is this month’s flower. It is generally accepted to mean purity, love and fascination.

Primrose is February’s flower, symbolizing modesty, virtue and distinction.

Meaning rebirth, vanity and unrequited love this month’s flower is the Daffodil.

Daisies and Peonies are the birth flowers for this month. The accepted meaning for these flowers are loyal love, innocence, gratitude and healing.

May brings us Hawthorn and Lilies of the Valley symbolizing humility, happiness and sweetness.

The rose and the Honeysuckle are this months flowers expressing love, gratitude and appreciation.

This month bring the Water Lily and Delphinium. These symbolize sweetness, joyfulness and fickleness.

Poppies and Gladiolus are the flowers of August. They represent moral integrity.

Morning Glories and Asters are this months flowers. Symbolizing magic, love and daintiness.

October brings us Marigolds and Calendulas which represent grief and grace.

The Chrysanthemum is Novembers flower, their meaning is cheerfulness, friendship and abundance.

The last month of the year’s flowers are Holly and Narcissus, symbolizing sweetness and self-esteem.


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