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The Mighty Corpse Flower

on October 3, 2013

One of the strangest and largest flowers in the world is Amorphaphallus Titanum better known as the corpse flower. The flower can reach over 8 ft in height. It emits an odor that is similar to that of rotting meat, hence its name. It also generates heat which along with its smell attracts its chief pollinators, the dung and carrion beetles as well as corpse flies. The plant is native to Sumatra, Indonesia but is grown in botanical gardens around the world.

The plant does not have an annual or even a regular blooming cycle. The plant only blooms when it has stored enough energy. This can take a few years or over a decade depending on conditions. Recently one of these giants bloomed at the US Botanical Gardens Conservatory in July 2013. It attracted large audiences over 130,000 people saw it live and over 650,000 viewed it via the live web stream.


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