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The Christmas Tree – Avas Flowers

A Christmas tree is a tradition during the holiday season for many in the United States. How did the decorated evergreen become a symbol of Christmastime. The Christmas tree developed in early modern Germany with roots back to the 16th century. In the early 18th century the custom of the decorated tree became common in the towns of the upper Rhineland but had not yet become common in rural areas. Originally the Christmas tree was taken as a Protestant custom and did not spread to the Catholic areas of Germany. Slowly in the middle 1800’s the custom became more widespread throughout Germany and began to become a symbol of German culture especially with emigrants overseas. In the early 19th century the custom became popular with the nobility of Europe and spread to royal courts as far away as Russia.

The custom started to become popular in England soon after Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert. What spurred the growth of the custom in England was a illustration in The Illustrated London News of the royal family standing around a decorated tree. Facsimiles of this illustration soon showed up in the United States and by the 1870’s putting up a Christmas tree had become a common occurrence in the United States. In 1965 a TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas helped spread the popular culture of the tree.

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Origins of Thanksgiving – Presented by Avas Flowers

Its the beginning of November and Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I wondered what are the origins of this holiday. Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated mostly in the United States and Canada (though on different days) though several other countries around the world celebrate similar holidays. The origin of this holiday has its roots in religious and cultural traditions but has also long been celebrated in a secular way also.

Prayers and special thanksgiving ceremonies are a common occurrence in almost all religions after the harvest. The holiday as celebrated in North America is rooted in the English traditions from the Protestant Reformation and in harvest festivals. The roots of the modern Thanksgiving holiday is commonly attribute to a 1621 celebration in Plymouth, Massachusetts, though this is poorly documented. The practice of an annual harvest festival did not become a regular New England affair until the late 1660’s. The first official national day of Thanksgiving was proclaimed by George Washington as President of the United States for November 26, 1789. The date of Thanksgiving varied in date and state until the time of President Lincoln. Lincoln proclaimed that the last Thursday in November as the date for a national day of Thanksgiving, however it was not recognized by the former states of the Confederacy until the end of the Reconstruction era in the 1870’s. On December 26, 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt changed the date from the last Thursday to the fourth Thursday in November.

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